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McDowall Broadcasting is one of Saint Lucia's leading media corporations. Our team delivers the highest level of quality in production, marketing and advertising.


Who We Are

MBC TV/Real FM is the fastest growing multi-media company in St. Lucia. The station emerged from a medium disseminating health information to one premiering the latest in news, current affairs, music and other forms of popular entertainment.

McDowall Broadcasting Corporation

Why Advertise with us?

With advertisers desirous of maximizing every dollar spent, and rightfully so it is only fair we give you some of the reasons why our platform provides greater exposure than the rest. MBC/Real FM has averaged a top 5 spot in both television and radio in the Annual Media Survey (Ref: Systematic Media Survey).

The company has the largest social media following of all media houses in St. Lucia
with a combined 54,000 followers.
MBC Primetime News features the most viewed stories on social media with four of
them generating over 100K views in 2017 alone; the highest tallying 231,095 to
date (Ref: A Family In Morning on Sept 1, 2017).

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Social Media
Largest Facebook following in all Local Broadcast Media.
Island-wide coverage on both Radio and Television

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Most Comprehensive News Package.

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